The perfect vehicle for every job

Kalottspedition has equipment for most types of transports. The backbone of our fleet is made up of FRC certified units; exept from trailers, we have also truck combinations from 18 – to 25,25- meter.

The trucks have been designed to provide our customers with the most economical solutions to their transport needs as possible. We can offer for example open-sized trailers for handling long goods, horizontal dividers for fragile loads and high-sized options offering an internal headroom of up to 2,8 meters for bulky loads.

Besides FRC-combinations, we can also offer covered trailer and standard trucks of various design. Kalottspedition have also several walking-floor trailers with whom we can offer bulk transports.

With this fleet we can carry out most haulage jobs available on the market. The consignment, which could be everything from Full Trailer Loads to general mixed cargo, is transported from the suppliers direct to the consignee. We can also offer depot services through our agents at the place of destination.

Dependable food transportation

Our long experience of food transportation and our use of the latest technological methods, enables us to offer the highest standards of temperature-controlled FRC-haulage. We have always striven for the highest possible levels of transport quality and shipping temperature can be guaranteed with today´s automatic control engineering.

Everyone of our deliveries is carried out by single driver, from the loading process to the unloading.
Our aim is always to carry out every food delivery without depot handling, from loading at the supplier to delivery to the consignee.